Why WTFast


  1. Get an edge over your opponents with an optimize connection
  2. Increase your game performance with the latest WTFast Technology
  3. Game connection statistics: Know how your connection is affecting you.
  4. We will provide you with WTFast Advance time for your team (typically 5 accounts). 
  5. Get your content shared on WTFast social media channels.

Sponsorship requirements

  1.  We require teams to be actively participating in events at least once a month to be sponsored

  2. Send us monthly updates about any tournaments, Youtube videos or live streams your team is participating in. 

  3. Add WTFast logos to your social media and website.  We require that sponsored teams use the phrase "powered by", or "sponsored by" WTFast when/where possible.

  4. Please ensure you have strong social channels before applying. (10,000+ Likes on Facebook)

  5. That's it! Becoming a sponsored WTFast team is easy.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at eSports@wtfast.com


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