Why should I use WTFast?

WTFast uses an intelligent server network to route your game connection.  Our service focuses on creating the best connection possible for gaming, and only gaming!  If you care about your connection, and want the best online experience possible, then you NEED to use WTFast!  



Does WTFast support “x” game?

We currently support over 800 game titles so the chances are we do!  We try to support all popular games available to the public and even closed and open beta games when they become available.  If your desired game is NOT supported by us, send us a ticket and we’ll see about adding it as soon as possible!


WTFast doesn't do miracles 

Although a minority of our clients believe WTFast can bring your ping down to 1 ms this is virtually impossible. Information can only move as fast as the speed of light. Even at this fast speed, there is still a natural limitation transferring information.