How To Ensure an Optimal WTFast Connection?

We highly recommend that you use the "Auto select best connection" network setting for WTFast when you launch your game. By doing this, you use the intelligence of our global network of servers and your local connection history to optimize your game connection automatically from end to end.  The WTFast system will continue to get better as we improve it over time and collect more data about your gaming history. For that reason, we recommend auto select for the majority of our users.


 Here are some tips to help you configure WTFast for the best possible performance for your online game:

  •  Switch from Wifi to a wired Ethernet connection.

    • A Wifi connection can be interrupted by other signals.

    • Wifi is typically slower than an Ethernet connection.

  • Add WTFast to your firewall exclusion list and as a trusted program by your Anti-Virus.

    • Anti-virus programs are programmed to find rogue services transferring data.
    • WTFast may inadvertently be considered a rogue process and be blocked by your anti-virus.
  • Close programs that download or stream music/videos.

    • These programs take up huge amounts of bandwidth which can interrupt your gameplay.

    • WTFast is designed to only accelerate the game traffic from your computer, but extra traffic can still slow down your game, creating a bad connection.

  • Close any VPN software you may have running.

    • Using a VPN with WTFast can cause your game connection to be unstable.

    • Closing your VPN when you are gaming can help alleviate issues with unexpected lag caused by server changes from your VPN program.

  • Select a server manually (Experienced Users Only)

    a.  We recommend first trying a WTFast server close to the game server that you are playing on.

    b.  As another option, you can also try a WTFast server close to where you live. 

    • When available, always select "Choose Best".  In most cases, there are multiple servers at each location.  When you choose a server in Texas, Los Angeles, Germany, or wherever, make sure to always pick the top "Choose Best" option. This will pick the best performing WTFast server available at that time.  Your connection to each WTFast server may change over time, "Choose Best" helps to ensure your connection to that location is always optimal. Learn more about manual server selection

  • Chained Connection: Advanced/premium users have access to chained server connections.  To activate, go to "Manage Settings" in WTFast, and activate "Enable Chained Servers".  We recommend setting up server 1 close to where you live (Choose Best, or Sort by Ping), and Server 2 close to the game server.  Different combinations of WTFast servers will provide different results.  Often a chained connection will give the best possible results for reducing ping, flux and spikes because you can control the connection from end to end.

NOTE - Chained connections often require a lot of trial and error to configure properly.  We recommend trying single server connections first before attempting chained connections.  We also recommend trying "Auto select best connection" for chained connections, which will pick the best connection automatically and eliminate the trial & error for figuring this out.

  • Server Ports: Advanced/premium users have access to multiple port configurations.  In many cases Internet Services Providers (ISPs) will throttle/restrict traffic based on the port that it is being sent on.  This option will allow you to send game traffic on a different port to avoid being throttled by your ISP.  You may adjust your port setting by clicking the "Manage Settings" button in WTFast.


Setting Up a Custom Game:  The name is just a way for you to identify the custom game. The executable is the game file that actively sends/receives bytes while you are playing the game.  You can determine this using Windows Resource Monitor or a utility like Netlimiter. The launcher is the game file that you use to launch the game normally.  Often games are launched with a shortcut.  If you right click on the shortcut, and look at the properties, you can see the launcher file. Launcher parameters are any additional commands/scripts that you would like to append to the launcher file path/exe.

Keep an eye on this page for future tips!

- WTFastPWNer